Is the Joyson Safety Systems supplier portal unrestrictedly accessible?

Access is only granted to those suppliers who offer products and services that are relevant to Joyson Safety Systems and who successfully apply for a supplier's account. Suppliers who are admitted for participation by way of a purchase obtain their confidential access data, a user name, and a password.

What are the advantages of applying online at Joyson Safety Systems?

As a supplier who has access to the Joyson safety Systems supplier portal by way of a supplier's account you may be invited to participate in electronic bidding events of Joyson Safety Systems. You have the opportunity of informing Joyson Safety Systems of your competencies by updating your suppliers´ profile on a regular basis.

What is the supplier's profile?

The supplier's profile documents your capabilities and skills as a supplier. The supplier's profile provides the purchasing department of Joyson Safety Systems with current information on your programs in development, production, and supply or on the services you can offer to Joyson Safety Systems. Which products do you deliver for which areas of use? Which production procedures do you employ and which materials and raw materials can you process? You can only ensure being considered for all relevant bidding events of Joyson Safety Systems if you update your supplier's profile on a regular basis.

Do I need an e-mail address for participation?

A valid and functioning e-mail address is absolutely necessary for participation as the essential communication, i.e. the invitation to participate in electronic bidding events, is handled via e-mail.

How can I apply as supplier of Joyson Safety Systems?

Only a Joyson Safety Systems buyer can initiate a supplier registration.

How will I be informed on the status of my application?

After your online registration you will get the chance to fill in your companies data. After release of the registration you will receive your login by email.

For which material or product categories is Joyson Safety Systems seeking suppliers?

You will find the relevant material groups under the menu item "Range of Demands".

Can I also apply as a supplier of Joyson Safety Systems in any other way?

The Joyson Safety Systems supplier portal was created precisely to ensure that you find your way to us in the quickest possible manner. 

Does a registration at the Joyson Safety Systems supplier portal involve fees for the supplier?

No, the application and registration is free of charge for you.

Must I fulfill particular hardware or software requirements in order to work with the Joyson Safety Systems supplier portal?

The Joyson Safety Systems supplier portal is an Internet application which is accessible via a PC with Internet access and a standard Internet browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.x or higher or Netscape (Mozilla) version 7.x or higher). You do not need any further special hardware or software.